The following materials were created for the full-day workshop "Teaching With Digitized Primary Sources" held on November 4, 2009 at East Carolina University. The workshop was attended by 25 North Carolina K-12 educators. The materials below cover the use of this particular site in the classroom and developing hands-on activities, lesson plans, and National History Day projects.

Best Practices for the Classroom

Creating a Hands-On Activity

Using the process suggested by the NHD organization, produce topics for NHD projects that incorporate primary source images from the Daily Reflector Image Collection. Work individually to produce two narrowed topics.

Theme: 2010 Innovation in History: Impact and Change




Title and Date of ImageImage URLs from Daily Reflector Image Collection:










Lesson Activity Template

You will create and develop a problem based activity that you would use in your classroom or as part of the creation of a National History Day project. For either one, you must incorporate the Daily Reflector Image Collection (Seeds of Change). You are to complete this individually.


Subject and Grade Level for Implementation:





Thesis Statement:


[Explain how students are to conduct their research. List primary and secondary resources to be used.]

Primary and Secondary Source List

Title and Date of ImageImage URLs from Daily Reflector Image Collection:










Other ResourceLocation










Determine your presentation category and list the resources you will need to produce your project.


Resources Needed:

Explain how your project relates to the theme:

Provide your alignment to the NCSCOS:

  • Subject
  • Grade
  • Competency Goal #
  • Relevant objectives

If you have time, construct a rubric for evaluating your students work.

Please feel free to add any additional information that you feel is needed for your students.

National History Day Projects