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I started my Butler's Shoes Career in downtown Savannah, Ga. My Manager was William Singleton, cashier was the lovely Della Brown. I was a young cocky, scrappy young Savannah State/Armstong State College man with nothing but ambition to be the "Best" there was to be for Butler's Shoes. At the time, Ken Pittman (No Relation) was our District Manager. I finished my Manager Trainee Program and got my first store in the Tallahassee Mall, Tallahassee, Fl. I was so good there (double the sales 2 years straight) they move me to Selma Mall in Selma, Ala. I also double the Sales there in 2 years. Then Finally, I got my just Reward. They Rebuilt the Bulter's Shoes Store in the Greenbriar Mall, Atlanta, Ga and gave it to me to manage. The first 7 Months, my Sales were THROUGH THE ROOF!!! Then Finally, (after being with the company for 5 years 1981- 1986) the Cooporation wanted to meet me. It was 2 surprises discovered that day. One..Butler's Shoes discovered...I was a BLACK MAN. And two.. I found out that the only reason I had been Promoted to all of those different Stores, was NOT because I was great at what I was doing.... But for all of those years, from start to finish, they actually thought that my initial District Manager (Mr. Ken Pittman a white man) was my RELATIVE. Just like, at the time, Juan Watts (then the President of Butler's Shoes) Son was Jr. Watts was a Manager of a Store in Cumberland Mall in Atlanta, and I was "Blowing his Doors Off" in Sales. After that discovery, EVERYTHING went to Hell. Inventory came up missing, Sales were not counted or calculated properly. The Brand New "Porta-Verta" start acting up constantly. Nightly Deposites was dissappearing and reappearing after "Loss Prevention" had to get involved. As much as I Loved The Shoe Sales business back then and even though it was the 80s, there was STILL PREJUDICE in that company for NO REASON. Believe Me, I was NOT the only Black Manager that experience the PREJUDICE STING of BUTLER'S SHOES COOPERATION.
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