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Lady in Deep (And Hot) Water

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Roberts, Leonard\r\nRanlo native Dee Gunnerson survived a shark attack while she was scuba-diving off the Florida coast. Gunnerson was hired as an underwater salvage diver, whose job it was to scout the ocean floor for shipwrecks. On one dive, Gunnerson noticed a seven-foot shark circling around her. She realized that the shark was drawn to the aqua scooter in her hands. Gunnerson dropped the scooter hoping that the shark would chase it. It did not and the shark continued toward her. Gunnerson used her last weapon of defense, her fist. After receiving a timely punch to its nose, the shark swam away. Gunnerson was then able to return to her raft unharmed. \r\n
The State (NoCar F 251 S77), Vol. 51 Issue 5, Oct 1983, p19-14, por