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The Pain and Bane of Uprooting

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Frances Bullard recalls her 1920s schools days in the North Carolina mountains. She began her education in a one-room-one-teacher school that was taught by a teacher from the Normal School in Asheville. As a student, Bullard received her first vaccination. Excitedly, she and her classmates traveled to Busbee School for diphtheria vaccinations. The student's excitement waned when they saw the first needle. Bullard also learned about brushing her teeth using a toothbrush and a new product called Colgate toothpaste. Students were also taught how to make mayonnaise and light-bread sandwiches. Bullard's school grew, and she eventually attended a high school that had a separate teacher for each subject. While eager to learn new things as a child, Bullard is now returning to the mountains and the old-time mountain ways.
The State (NoCar F 251 S77), Vol. 51 Issue 5, Oct 1983, p9-10, il