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O. Max Gardner and the Shelby Dynasty

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Until 1928, the Simmons Machine, led by Furnifold M. Simmons, was the dominating Democratic political force in North Carolina. The Shelby Dynasty, led by Governor O. Max Gardner, took over the Democratic Party as the machine's power dwindled. After leaving the governor's office, Gardner successfully put J.C.B. Ehringhaus in office as governor in 1932, beating out Richard T. Fountain in an unprecedented two primaries. Although the votes were close, Ehringhaus had the greater number of government officials on his side, due to Gardner's support, and was able to carry fifty-eight counties for a victory. The dynasty would not face a difficult challenge until the gubernatorial primary of 1936. This article continues in the June 1983 issue of The State.
The State (NoCar F 251 S77), Vol. 50 Issue 11, Apr 1983, p8-11, 27, il, por