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Remember When the Rose Bowl Moved to Durham?

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Wallace Wade, former Duke University football coach, auctioned his special 1942 Rose Bowl trophy for $10,000 to support children's cancer research. To win the trophy at auction and keep it at Duke, Dr. Lenox Baker, professor of orthopedic surgery at Duke, led the Baker Syndicate, a group of about fifty students, alumni, and parents. Each of the fifty bid $100. The other half of the $10,000 bid was made by Harold Mayer, former chairman of the board of Oscar Mayer and Co. The trophy recalls a special time in history. In 1942, following the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Rose Bowl was moved from Pasadena, California, to Duke's stadium for safety reasons. This moved occurred just three weeks before the tournament was scheduled to take place. Even though Duke lost the game to Oregon State, Coach Wade was presented with a special trophy for organizing the event on such short notice. The trophy is now housed in the Duke Hall of Fame in Cameron Indoor Stadium.
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