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When Tar Heels Mourned Jeff Davis

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Jefferson Davis, the first and only president of the Confederate States of America, died on December 6, 1889, in New Orleans. Memorial services were held throughout the South as his body lay in state in the New Orleans City Hall. Although almost 100,000 people came to pay their respects, many more could not attend because of the expense and distance involved. But in 1893, when Davis's body was being moved to Richmond, the eight-car funeral train included Raleigh as one of its stops. The train arrived in Raleigh on May 30, 1893, at 1:10 p.m. to a crowd of thousands. Confederate veterans served as pallbearers. The casket was taken into the rotunda of the Capitol building and a service was held. Just after 3 p.m., the casket was taken back to the train station and arrived in Richmond at 3 a.m. on May 31. Jefferson Davis was finally laid to rest at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond on the afternoon of May 31, 1893.\r\n
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