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Gospels Gone Wild

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Durham author Michele Andrea Bowen is one of the country's most successful writers of African American-oriented, religiously themed fiction. She is known as one of the \"bad girls of Christian fiction,\" a term she coined herself when she and two other black writers presented their books to the Christian Booksellers Association convention. Their books, which were a little steamy and a little spicy, were not what convention members envisioned as Christian literature. CHURCH FOLK, Bowen's first book, has sold over 280,000 copies since its publication in 2001. Bowen discusses her novels and how she got started writing them.
Independent Weekly (NoCar Oversize AP 2 .I57 [volumes 13 - 23 on microfilm]), Vol. 23 Issue 45, Nov 2006, p20-21, 23-24, il, por