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In Search of Simka Simkovitch

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During the Great Depression, the United States government provided funds through the Public Works Administration to hire unemployed workers. One program funded by the PWA was the Federal Arts Program. In 1940, the Federal Arts program commissioned Simka Simkovitch to paint four murals in the new Beaufort post office. These four paintings depicted the Town of Beaufort's heritage and included pictures of wild horses, Canadian geese, the “Orville W” and the Beaufort lifesavers rescuing members of the “Crissie Wright.” While the murals are today a part of Beaufort, local residents have no memory of the Russian artist. Commissioned to paint these scenes, Simkovitch spent only a few days in Beaufort before returning to his studio in Connecticut, later sending the paintings back to Beaufort.
The State (NoCar F 251 S77), Vol. 52 Issue 1, June 1984, p14-15, il, por