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Like A Weed

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Will Hackney, 19, a rising sophomore at UNC-Chapel Hill, and Martin Anderson, 17, soon to start college at UNC-Greensboro, are the co-founders of Chapel Hill-based Trekky Records. The company started five years ago and now has a fully functional label, offices, a paid staff of five, and a revolving cast of volunteers. Trekky Records has a roster of twelve bands, five of which are active. In July 2006, the company released its most ambitious project to date--the Never's Antarctica, a sumptuous concept album including a fifty-page, full-color storybook.
Independent Weekly (NoCar Oversize AP 2 .I57 [volumes 13 - 23 on microfilm]), Vol. 23 Issue 33, Aug 2006, p44-45, il, por