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The Man From Core Creek

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Many people have heard of Fairleigh Dickinson University, and the third-largest medical products and equipment industry in the world, Becton-Dickinson. Fewer people know that Fairleigh Dickinson was born in Carteret County in the Core Creek community. He left home at fourteen to take a job on a sailing ship. Later a chance meeting with Maxwell Becton of Kinston led to the founding of Becton-Dickinson, which reported revenues of almost $5 million in 2004. Although he led a very busy life filled with national and international commitments, Dickinson and his family returned to Core Creek every year till his death in 1948.
The Researcher (NoCar F 262 C23 R47), Vol. 22 Issue 1, Spring/Summer 2006, p16-18, il, por, bibl