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Sinbad the Pirate Lives His Dream

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Captain Horatio Sinbad is North Carolina's only officially commissioned privateer. He dreamed of being a pirate when he saw the movie Treasure Island at the age of eight and later ran away from home at sixteen to join the crews of sailing ships in the Caribbean. He legally changed his name to Sinbad twenty-seven years ago. He built the ship he sails, the MEKA II, by hand, and it is his only home. The first Meka went down in a hurricane 100 miles off Norfolk, and Sinbad spent nine hours in the water before rescue. Sinbad is the reason the Americas' Sail 2006 is coming to the waters off Carteret County in the summer of 2006. He won a race in the Americas' Sail 2002 in the waters off Jamaica and won the right to choose the port for the next sailing competition. He chose Beaufort for his home port.
Metro Magazine (NoCar F 264 R1 M48), Vol. 7 Issue 6, June 2006, p14-17, il, por