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Spanish Traces In 17th Century North Carolina

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Spain had a formal claim to what is now North Carolina up to 1670, but most history books fail to mention that Spaniards actually occupied portions of the land for extended periods of time. Several clues indicate that this is true. When Virginia explorers landed in the Albemarle region in 1653, they came across a Native American who insisted that the explorers meet a wealthy Spaniard who had been residing with the Tuscarora Indians for seven years. Three years prior to this encounter, Edward Bland was instructed to make inquiries about a white man living with the Tuscaroras. 17th-century maps of the region, such as W. J. Blaeu's and Mercator's maps, also indicated possible connections with Spain. Spaniards might have resided with the Tuscarora Indians to keep an eye on England's settlement in the region. It is possible that Spain might have even supplied trading and arms to the Tuscarora in the Tuscarora War of 1711-1713.
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