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A Showcase for Shipwrecks

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The Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum will reflect, when completed in 2004, the heritage of coastal Carolina and maritime history represented by the shipwrecks. Couch says, “It will put North Carolina in league with the maritime history heavyweights.” Located at Hatteras Village, the 19,000-square-foot climate-controlled facility is designed to withstand sustained winds of 135 mph and gusts of 200 mph. The museum has an amazing quantity of extraordinary relics connected to momentous events in history. Even more stunning is that many of these artifacts have landed on the Outer Banks from halfway round the world and from over 2,000 years ago. The artifacts will be showcased in five museum galleries, including the Piracy & Warfare Gallery and the Civil War Gallery.
Carolina Country (NoCar HD 9688 N8 C38x), Vol. 36 Issue 5, May 2004, p26-28, il