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Items from the Washington Dispatch Weekly, Dec. 3, 1861

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Military Notice for the Southern Barber Saloon on Main Street; NC Troops General Orders about rules for service and lack of soldiers clothing; Notice about sending clothing and supplies to troops out in the field; Sequestration Act for counties of Beaufort, Pitt, Hyde and Lenoir to given in information on enemies or be fined $5,000; Mish grapes for sale by R. H. J. Blount; Notice all claims against the steamboat “Post Boy,” must file their claim; Dr. L. W. Martin tenders his services in Washington, NC; Quartermasters Office terms for those making clothes for the Army of NC; The Washington Dispatch Weekly terms for subscription by taking food stuffs due to the scarcity of money; The daughters of the Bunker Siamese Twins have contributed 7 pairs of socks for the soldiers; Capt. Whitley’s Company of Beaufort County left for the Roanoke and Col. R. B. Vance’s Company has been ordered to Jonesboro, TN; Miss Polly Myers of Washington, NC, gave 17 pairs of socks to the crew of the C. S. S. Forest, J. L. Hoole, Commander; Large list of donors of clothes and articles given to the Confederate Guards; List of goods given by local ladies to the 24th GA Regiment; William Privett, Sr., of Goldsboro, NC by D. Handley in an altercation; Administrators Notice for the estate of Dr. William T. Bryan, dec’d.; Several Notes were lost and all persons warned against trading for the notes.
Pamteco Tracings (NoCar F262.B37 P35), Vol. 6 Issue No. 2, December 1990, p29-31