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Mar. 2, 1898--Most of the remains of the Confederate dead in city cemeteries have all been removed to Oakdale Cemetery. June 13, 1893—Annual meeting of the Association of Ex-Confederate Soldiers of Beaufort County held and officers: R. R. Warren, Pres., J. Bryan Grimes, V.P., Charles C. Thomas, Sect., and Dr. J. M. Gallagher, Treas. Nov. 7, 1893---Capt. William Fitzhugh Gordan, who died a few days ago in Washington, had a close call during the Civil War. He was sentenced to death as a Confederate spy and was standing in front of a firing squad, when a mounted messenger rode up bringing the pardon that saved his life. Nov. 14, 1893—Members of the Washington Light Infantry were to assemble at the Armory. Mar. 27, 1894—Died on Sunday evening, Mar. 19, at his home near Vanceboro, of heart failure, Major Edward Whitford. He was one of the most gallant soldiers of the Confederacy and a brother of the late Col. John N. Whitford. Dec. 8, 1897—Died last Friday, of congestion of the brain, at his home in this city, Jesse W. Waters, an old Confederate soldier. Jan. 11, 1912—Died on Nov. 29, 1911, John Franklin Squires. He was born Apr. 23, 1840. He enlisted in the Confederate Army in 1861 and had no charge preferred against him during service and was discharged in 1865. He left his home on Nov. 27, 1911, to visit his brother, Benjamin Squires, of near Vandemere, and was stricken with acute indigestion at the ACL Depot just before he the train departed. He was taken to Bell Boarding House, where Dr. D. T. Taylor rendered medical assistance. His remains were taken to his home at the head of the Pungo for burial. Jan. 25, 1912—Thomas Alligood, was found dead at his Fourth Street home on Saturday. He was about 70 years old and an ex-Confederate soldier. Dec. 5, 1912—Uriah Leggett, who lived near Old Ford, was born in 1844 and died Nov. 28, 1912, at his home of typhoid fever. He was married twice, first to a Miss Holland and had no children. He married secondly to a Miss Perry and had one child, who died many years ago. He was an ex-Confederate soldier.
Pamteco Tracings (NoCar F262.B37 P35), Vol. 5 Issue No. 1, June 1989, p11-12