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About Thomas Child

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Thomas Child, a native of England, became the Attorney General of the NC General Court in 1746. Only after a few months, he went back to England because of the unrest and confusion in North Carolina. Child returned to North Carolina by 1750, along with Francis Corbin, as proprietary agents of Earl Granville. Because of mismanagement by Corbin, Child was named in 1760 as exclusive agent for Lord Granville. He was named as NC Attorney General in 1760 and he cleared up the backlog of delayed land grants and represented Chowan County in the General Assembly. Child resigned as Attorney General due to politics, moved to Virginia and maintained oversight of proprietary affairs until the death of Earl Granville in 1763. Child was able to purchase 100,000 acres from the new proprietor and he sold that land in 1767 to the Moravians. Child disappeared from North Carolina and died in England in the early 1790’s.