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Biography of Penelope Barker (1728-1796) Female Political Activist

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Penelope Padgett, was much married, marrying first to John Hodgson, second to James Craven, and third Thomas Barker. She was probably the wealthiest woman in North Carolina at the time from all the accumulated estates from her husbands. On Oct. 25, 1774, Penelope Barker organized the Edenton Tea Party, at the home of Ms. Elizabeth King and they served mulberry tea. At this party, fifty-one women of Edenton met and signed a petition to stop buying English tea and stop wearing clothing made from cloth manufactured in England. Once word got to England of the Edenton Tea Party, the women were ridiculed in print and cartoons. But the actions of these ladies were praised all over the colonies for showing their opposition of the Intolerable Acts. Penelope Barker died in 1796 at the age of sixty-six.