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Seaport Town of Beaufort

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Beaufort’s port, established 1722, served as a North Carolina port of entry throughout the colonial period. A customs officer was located in the port to handle collections for the district which included the southern and eastern parts of Carteret County. In the mid-18th century, the district was enlarged to include Ocracoke, Bogue Inlet, and the Neuse River. A secondary officer was appointed to oversee vessels loading and unloading cargo in the Neuse River. As coastal trade migrated to New Bern throughout the century, so did the customs officials. During the war of 1812, Beaufort became a significant port for privateer operations and continued to grow in use through the 1860s. The last customs office opened in 1908 and operated until 1952, when it moved to Morehead City.
The Researcher (NoCar F 262 C23 R47), Vol. 25 Issue 2, Summer/Fall 2010, p7-8