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Indian Massacre?

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Exploring Garbacon Creek and the Neuse River during his youth, Richard Carraway Jr. discovered various historic artifacts, including pottery, glass bottles, arrowheads, and clay pipes. On occasion, human remains would wash out of the riverbank prompting a visit from local archaeologists. Carraway would explore these sites and found arrowheads in association with human remains, leading to the assumption that the site was associated with warring Native American factions. As erosion increased, however, Carraway found evidence of wooden coffins suggesting the burials were remains of European colonists killed in the Tuscarora uprising of 1711. Since his childhood, Carraway has continued to study the site and the history of the associated Garbacon plantation.
The Researcher (NoCar F 262 C23 R47), Vol. 19 Issue 1, Spring 2003, p12-14, il