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Forbes Family Deeds

Record #:
June 10, 1741, John Forbes, of Bath County to John Wilson, of Bath County; Apr. 5, 1768, Samuel Truss and wife, Mary to John Kennedy…Mary Truss, dau. of John Forbes; July 1, 1779, Grant to Joseph Forbes in Pitt County; Nov. 22, 1785, Joseph Forbes to Arthur Forbes….Joseph Forbes, son of John Forbes; Nov. 22, 1785, John Vines to Joseph Forbes; Sept. 1, 1795, Nathaniel Moore to Joseph Forbes; June 20, 1805, Benjamin Barrow to grandson, Amos Wilson; Dec. 20, 1806, Henry, Forbes, John Forbes, Arthur Forbes, Jr., William Forbes, Benjamin Forbes to Joseph Bynum; Jan. 13, 1810, Robert Sanders and Benjamin Forbes Agreement; Mar. 27, 1810, Benjamin Deberry to Joseph Bynum and John Forbes; May 7, 1810, Benjamin Forbes and Betsy Forbes to John Jones, Jr…..Benjamin Forbes, son of Clement and Betsy Forbes.