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Trip Out of Farmville, 1929

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This narrative talks about the people and houses on Grimmersburg Road (Route 91) from Farmville to Lang’s Crossroads. People mentioned include R. L. Davis, O. L. Joyner, Jacob Joyner, D. C. Joyner, Mr. Tripp, Charles Joyner, J. W. Moye, Dexter Jones, Jesse Smith, R. L. Smith, Alfred Moore, Earl Williams, Hepburn Burnette, B. S. Smith, William Joyner, Johnnie Joyner, R. L. Joyner, M. L. Moye, Bill Flanagan, A. J. Moye, Mrs. Dupree, Robert Turnage, L. A. Fulford, Matthew Carr, Aaron Turnage, Jr., A. P. Turnage, Hines, Prayther Hines, Gen. L. D. Tyson, Carrie Speight, Jesse Baker.