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Bible and Family Records

Record #:
Mrs. J. F. H. Bryan Bible (1838-1932) (Includes Barnhill, Whitehurst, Eubanks, Manning) Asa O’Neal Bible (1787-1877) (Includes Sawyer) James H. Harris Bible and Family Records (1811-1991) (Includes Smith, Braxton, Hardee, Cherry, McLawhorn, Forbes, Hargett, Wood, Haskins, Nobles, Stox, Stokes, Worthington, Branch, Allen, Dail, Manning, Huggins) Amos James Evans Bible (1912-1975) (Includes Sermons, Bissette, Ashby, Beatty, Patrick, Hardee, Tyson, Clark) Richard Cannon Bible (1886-1929) (Includes Stokes, Worthington) Adams-Dixon Bible (scrap) (1816-1841) (Includes Woodall)