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How Deaccessioning Builds A Collection

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The process for how the North Carolina Museum of Art deaccessions works of art and uses the funds raised from deaccessioning to build their collection is explored. The Museum deaccessions, or gets rid of, works of art from its collection for a variety of reasons. The Museum may remove works that are of: inferior quality; outside the collecting scope at the present or foreseeable future; duplicates, works similar to others, or possessing insufficient educational value; works in such poor condition that they are not fit to display; and fakes. Many of the 1,000-1,200 works recently deaccessioned were accepted as gifts around 1956 when the Museum was first opening and accepted anything that was given to them regardless of quality or value.
Preview (NoCar Oversize N 715 R2 A26), Vol. Issue , Winter 1985-1986, p16-19