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Recent Acquisitions

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The Museum recently acquired three sculptures and an African headdress. The Dead Christ by Italian Giuseppe Mazzuoli (1655-1725) is a bronze sculpture of Christ after his death and is considered one of the best examples of late Roman baroque sculpture in the United States. The wood carvings with beads of a Pair of Ibeji (Twin Figures) are from Nigeria’s Yoruba tribe and the figures were used in a ritual after the death of twins in child birth. The Sawfish Headdress is from Nigeria’s Ibo tribe and is made of wood with paint and mirror glass. The headdress is in the form of a sawfish, is 7 feet in length, and was worn at festivals or masquerades to gain favor with the water spirits.
Preview (NoCar Oversize N 715 R2 A26), Vol. Issue , Winter 1985-1986, p14-16