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Senator Landlord

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As part of the “Landlord Hall of Shame” series published in the last two issues of the magazine, Raleigh’s most famous landlords are profiled. US Senator Jesse Helms and wife Dorothy own 22 rental properties in Raleigh. 19 are rented in white neighborhoods and are in good condition. 3 are in poor, black neighborhoods and all three have been cited for public nuisances and housing-code violations. Helms has said that private enterprise should drive the housing market, not the government and has voted against bills to fund or create public housing projects. A double-standard seems to be employed by Senator Helms.
Independent Weekly (NoCar Oversize AP 2 .I57 [volumes 13 - 23 on microfilm]), Vol. 8 Issue 23, June 6-12 1990, p7-8