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Hoot Gibson in Greenville

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Born in Tekamah, NE, Edmund Richard Gibson, nicknamed \"Hoot\" because of his interest in hunting owls, learned how to ride a horse at a young age.He worked as a cowpuncher until 1910, when a film director hired him for a short silent film. He competed in rodeos while he appeared in two other films. In 1912, he won the World's All-Around Champion Cowboy award and later began to appear as a stunt double for Harry Carey and other stars. He did a short stint in the Army during WWI but returned in 1919 to become a major western movie star. Gibson went on to appear in more westerns than any other Hollywood movie star and received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Hoot Gibson came to Greenville on October 3, 1937, with the Hagenbeck-Wallace railroad circus. He died of cancer in 1965.