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A History of Bottling Companies

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Greenville has been home to a long list of bottling companies. The first known bottling company was in 1883, when S. M. Schwartz opened the Greenville Bottling Company. In 1884, J. H. Shelburn & Anderson opened a beer bottling establishment. In 1892, Ed. H. Shelburn & Co. opened a bottling company for carbonated drinks and beer. He was the first person to sell Coca Cola in Greenville in 1893 and by 1897 was one of the largest bottlers in the State. Other bottling companies include: Euvita Bottling Co. in 1903; Burton Soda Water and Ice Cream Works in 1906; the Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company in 1908; Coca Cola Bottling Works in 1908; the Chero-Cola Bottling Company in 1915; the Mint Cola Bottling Works in 1919; the Cherry Blossom Bottling Company in 1922; the Lime Cola Bottling Company in 1922; the Orange Crush Bottling Company in 1923; the Nehi Bottling Company in 1933; the Double Cola Bottling Company in 1939; and the Greenville Tip Company in 1940.