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History of Greenville Airport

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Three early pilots that used to fly out of Greenville were Jack Bellamy, Matt R. Long and Ben. S. Sheppard. One of them, Ben Sheppard, made the first airmail delivery in the State in the early 1920s. In 1930, the Pitt County Chapter of American Air Cadets was formed which promoted interest in aviation to youngsters. Greenville's airport history begins in1933, when some businessmen decided that Greenville needed a local airport to help develop the city. In 1940, the Junior Chamber of Commerce pushed the idea of an airport. The City and County bought 500 acres of land that already had an airstrip on it. In 1942 the Greenville airstrip became an auxiliary training base for Marine Corps pilots and the Navy leased the property for $1.00 a year. In 1946, the Airport Commission was appointed to lease and operate the airport. Five different companies provided service between April 1946 and 1960. Today, US AIR is Greenville's air service provider.