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The Coming of the Automobile

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The first automobile in Greenville, an Oldsmobile owned by Robert Greene, appeared in April 1903. The second car was owned by Fred Forbes and the third car was owned by Fred Quinerly, of Kinston and Greenville. Mrs. Mattie Moye Gaylord of Greenville has the distinction of being the first local woman to drive a car, a Reo, owned by her father. In 1909, State Law required a $3.00 permit to drive. The State Speed Limit was 8 miles an hour for closely settled communities, 12 miles an hour in residential areas and 25 miles per hour for County highways. Greenville also adopted its first Automobile Ordinance in 1909 of 10 miles per hour in town, with a $5.00 penalty for speeding. In 1921, Pitt County car owners spent more money on their cars than on education--$89.00 on cars versus $4.00 on schools. The last horse posts and troughs in Pitt County were finally removed in 1959.