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Building a Better Boardwalk

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Carolina Beach has a special piece of history. The town incorporated in 1925; five years later it built a boardwalk. It's not like other boardwalks with shops and food eateries. This one now sits atop a sand dune with the town on one side and the ocean on the other. It burned in 1940 and the town built it back. A hurricane got it in 1944, and in 1954, Hazel destroyed it along with 350 town buildings. It was rebuilt both times. The question always is \"What do we do about the boardwalk?\" But it always comes back and it always remains \"the boardwalk.\"
Greenville Times / Pitt's Past (NC Microforms), Vol. 28 Issue 2, January 20 2010, p188-192; 194, 196, 198-199, il