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Donnybrook at Duke: The Gross-Edens Affair of 1960, Part II

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This article examines the ending and the fallout of the three year struggle at Duke University between President Arthur Hollis Edens and Vice-President of Education Paul Gross. Gross and his allies on the Duke Endowment Fund forced Edens to resign in 1960 after he refused to accept an appointment as chancellor. Gross had previously campaigned against Edens by stating he opposed plans to make Duke a top national school which angered trustees who forced Edens from his post. This situation led to reforms at Duke University that clarified administrative positions and authority, and included the creation of a university provost position.
North Carolina Historical Review (NoCar F251 .N892), Vol. 71 Issue 4, Oct 1994, p451-471 , il, por, f