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The Rosenwald Schools and Black Education in North Carolina

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This article examines North Carolina's experience with the Rosenwald Schools, using Mecklenburg County as the case study. Rosenwald Schools were an educational system for Southern black children who were excluded from white schools. Founded in the 1910s by Booker T. Washington and philanthropist Julius Rosenwald, the schools were a limited success. Over 5,300 schools were constructed throughout the South and Mecklenburg County had 26. By the 1930s though, the Rosenwald Foundation admitted that the schools were not accomplishing the desired effect of educating blacks to live in a white-dominated society. The foundation then stopped funding the schools in order to promote black and white cooperation through other methods.
North Carolina Historical Review (NoCar F251 .N892), Vol. 65 Issue 4, Oct 1988, p387-444 , il, por, map, f