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The Life-Style of an Eastern North Carolina Planter: Elias Carr of Bracebridge Hall

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Elias Carr was a renaissance man in North Carolina during the 19th century in which he was a prosperous planter, agricultural political leader, democrat and Governor of North Carolina. During this period, he also kept an estate in Edgecombe County, Bracebridge Hall, which maintained a flourishing environment before and after the Civil War. Carr was able to maintain this prosperity by avoiding common pitfalls of the time such as one-crop farming, sharecropping, labor unrest, and financial failure by diversifying his farming operations, paying employed workers good wages, partaking in fair labor practices and using modern farming techniques.
North Carolina Historical Review (NoCar F251 .N892), Vol. 57 Issue 1, Jan 1980, p17-42 , il, por, f