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Some North Carolina Tracts of the Eighteenth Century: IV & V

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Henry McCullough, author of \"Miscellaneous Representations Relative to Our Concerns in America,\" 1761, was a holder of vast tracts of land in North Carolina and was once a special agent of His Majesty's Government in the Carolinas. He was the individual behind the policy of Prime Minister George Grenville's Stamp Act.\r\n\r\nMaurice Moore Jr. belonged to a prominent political family in North Carolina who settled in the colony near the lower Cape Fear River. Moore Jr. was a lawyer who represented the borough of Brunswick in the Assembly and was appointed Associate Justice of the Province until his participation in resistance to the Stamp Act. His pamphlet \"Justice and Policy of Taxing the American Colonies in England,\" 1765 centers on the idea that Parliament has no right to tax the colonies and criticizes the claim of virtual representation in Parliament.