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Give As Good As You Get

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Each year BUSINESS NORTH CAROLINA magazine seeks to determine the best lawyers in North Carolina. The magazine mailed ballots listing lawyer categories to every lawyer licensed by the North Carolina State Bar and living in North Carolina--this year 20,856. The top vote getters in each field are Locke T. Clifford, criminal; Jonathan Heyl, antitrust; Kenneth M. Greene, bankruptcy; Amalie L. Tuffin, business; William H. Gammon, construction; Lisa D. Inman, corporate counsel; N. Renee Hughes, employment; William Clarke, environmental; D. Caldwell Barefoot, Jr., family; E. Eric Mills, intellectual property; Daniel L. Brawley, litigation; George W. Sistrunk, III, real estate; Graham D. Holding, Jr., tax/estate planning; and J. Christian Stevenson young guns (best under 40).
Business North Carolina (NoCar HF 5001 B8x), Vol. 32 Issue 1, Jan 2012, p58-62, 64-66, 68, 70-89, por