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The Captured Flag

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On April 16, 1864, Confederate forces previously entrenched at Rodman's Point and Fisher's Hill were evacuated from their positions below Washington, N.C. and were directed to report to General Hoke, whose division was about to march on Plymouth. Hoke ordered General Matt Ransom to march his forces to a point below the town, co-ordinate with Captain James W. Cook, C.S.N., commander of the gun-boat ALEBEMARLE, and to march on Plymouth from all sides to take control of the city. During the battle, the flag of the 16th Connecticut was captured by Private G. M. Williams, Frank O'Brien, and two other unnamed soldiers from the command of Major John H. Burnham. In July of 1884, O'Brien happened upon Burnham while visiting the Union Square Hotel in New York City. Burnham inquired as to the whereabouts of the flag, to which O'Brien responded that he knew its owner and that he would have the flag shipped to Hartford upon his return to Birmingham. The story of its return was printed in the Hartford Times the day after its arrival.
The State (NoCar F 251 S77), Vol. 35 Issue 8, Sept 1967, p13-14, il