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Belle Boyd Siren for the South

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Belle Boyd was admired by men, sneered at by women, galloped through enemy lines with messages for Stonewall Jackson, hounded by Secretary of War Stanton, shown clemency by President Lincoln and eventually became a peacetime stage celebrity. Such was the life and times of Belle Boyd, the woman considered second only to Rose O'Neal Greenhow as the Confederacy's most successful female spy. Boyd was twice captured by Federal authorities and imprisoned both times. Her first capture was on orders from Secretary of War E. M. Stanton. After her release, Boyd sought out Confederate President Jefferson Davis and gained his consent for her to carry important dispatches to Europe. Her second capture came on this trip, as her vessel, the GREYHOUND, was captured by a Federal cruiser for attempting to smuggle a large shipment of cotton out of Wilmington for sale in Europe.
The State (NoCar F 251 S77), Vol. 38 Issue 24, May 1971, p8-10, 17, il, por