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The industrial-scale harvesting of off-shore shrimp came to North Carolina by accident in 1915, when scientists at the fisheries research station in Beaufort began catching large shrimp, or prawns, in otter trawls that were used to search for marine specimens in the open sea just off Beaufort bar. Local shrimpers had traditionally harvested with long haul seine nets or small one-man \"push\" nets and limited their operations to the more protected inside waters of sounds, creeks, and estuaries. As news of the big shrimp circulated, local fishermen manufactured trawls modeled on the one used by the research station and soon began catching more shrimp than could be sold locally, thus establishing a new and profitable fishery in North Carolina.
The State (NoCar F 251 S77), Vol. 38 Issue 10, Oct 1970, p10-12, 31, il
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