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Mrs. T. E. Hooker and friends organized the \"First Friday Afternoon Musical Club\" for interested women in the town of Greenville, limiting it to 20 members. An elaborate German (dance) took place in Perkins Hall on a Friday night in December 1908. Lanterns and American flags from Ellsworth of New York decorated the hall. Walter Wilson, Jr. and Miss Nell Skinner, along with others led the German dance. Mr. W. H. Strum and Miss Ada Norris applied for a marriage license at the Register of Deeds office in Pitt County during October 1893. Ms. Norris's parents objected to the marriage, vowing to stop the wedding. Mr. Strum waited for his chance, and he and Ms. Norris were married within 30 feet of the bride's father, without him even knowing of the union.