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[Mr. Kammerer drew the cover of this issue] Beginning as early as 1890, ghosts, hauntings, and even ESP (extra sensory perception) have affected the lives of many Pitt County residents. Kammerer related a story from 1890s about a large ghost that would come out about 4:00 am to stand sentinel over piece of land on Dickinson Ave. It would only bother those workers building the railroad through the property. Kammerer tells of a cluster of haunted houses in the College View district and the reaction of witnesses. There is an unusual story from 1898 of a haunted clock that tolled when death was near, even with its works missing. And lastly, in 1906, the sister of Royce Tucker, lost her ring. She couldn’t find it and later went into the country for a visit. While away she dreamed that her ring was under a writing tablet on her bureau. Returning home, she immediately looked at the place her dream indicated and found the ring.