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Kinchen Jahu Carpenter, a native of Rutherford County, N.C., served in Company I of the 50th North Carolina Regiment during the Civil War. During his service, from May 1862 to May 1865, Carpenter kept a diary of his experiences. The diary mentions numerous events, such as Carpenter's first days in training at Camp Mangum, the 50th's fighting in the Seven Day's battles near Richmond, as well as several expeditions in Eastern North Carolina. Carpenter mentions Greenville many times, as his regiment conducted numerous operations in the surrounding region in 1863, from Kinston to New Bern to Washington, always trying to outmaneuver the Union troops garrisoned in around New Bern and the along the coast. Carpenter and his regiment were sent west to Georgia in 1864, but returned to North Carolina to fight at the Battle of Bentonville in March 1865. The men of the 50th North Carolina, including Carpenter, received paroles on May 1, 1865 following the surrender of Lee's and Johnston's armies.