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“Green Wreath Park,” located at Bruce, Pitt County, opened on Friday, May 29, 1925. The Park was located on the Foreman farm and was owned by William H. Moore who subleased the land from Kemp Lewis. Green Wreath Park included a dance hall, pavilion, bath-house, canoes, spring boards, and diving piers. In 1927, Moore subleased the park to Nelson “Nep” Hopkins, who then turned it into a black amusement park until Kemp Lewis demanded that Moore stop leasing the Park to Hopkins. In the 1940s, Hopkins ran the park as a place for white people to carouse and drink. The ruins of the park can still be seen in the woods along the Tar River. Closer to Greenville near the Rock Springs community was “Hollywood Beach,” operated by Claxton Stancill and his brother since 1931. Hollywood Beach, built along a wide sandbar along a bend of the Tar River, included a dance pavilion, bath house, and other small buildings. Popular activities included picnicking, swimming, skinny-dipping, fishing, dancing, and Sunday strolls. The Rock Springs Community revived the beach in the 1980s. Hollywood Beach closed after the Highway 264 Bypass Bridge was built, and in 1998, Hurricane Floyd washed the remnants of Hollywood Beach away.