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Notable clubs that opened in Greenville in the 1960s includes The Rathskeller, The Purple and Gold Club, The Tortugas Club, The Tavern, Castaway Club, Coach and Four Restaurant and Nightclub, Bob's Barn, The Ruins, The Buccaneer Club, Ye Old Jail Tavern, The Music Factory, The Elbo Room, Bel-Air Club, and PGI. Other popular nightspots included Ruby's Circle Y Restaurant and Drive-In, The Country Place, and Candlewick Inn. Greenville motion picture theaters in the area were The Meadowbrook Picture Theatre, The Pitt, The State, and the Tice Drive-In. There were two billiard halls in Greenville: Happy's Pool Room and Pop's Billiards. Church-sponsored nightspots included The Catacombs, and The Den. Popular restaurants and dance halls were The Varsity, The Bohemian, Fiddlers III, and The ID.