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Congress required the Secretary of War to give and take meteorological observations beginning February 9, 1870. Weather stations were built and weather reports used telegraphs and flag signals. W.E. Fountain of Tarboro built a telegraph line from Tarboro to Greenville in 1881. In February 1887, The Daily Reflector newspaper and several Greenville merchants bought flags and instruments for a Weather Signal Station. The first Greenville Weather Observer was probably the telegraph operator, D.J. Whichard. A flagpole was placed on the roof of the Reflector newspaper office in November 1893, and Larry Heilbroner became the Weather Observer. Later Weather Observers included M.R. Lang in May 1895, Allen Warren in June 1897, Charles V. York in 1905, R.H. Hearne in May 1920, J. A. Clark in 1939, and Mrs. Carl Maiden in 1948.