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Sunburst, a sawmill town in Haywood County, was founded in 1908, to supply wood to the paper mill in nearby Canton. The town had a brief, but interesting, history. Peter G. Thomson, an Ohio paper manufacturer, built the town and mill. Forestry expert Carl A. Schenck moved the Biltmore School of Forestry there for a few years. A Tennessee company, prominent for its work in building the Panama Canal, constructed a twenty-mile railroad line between Canton and Sunburst. The Episcopal Church built a mission school there. In 1931, the wood supply ran out, and the Sunburst mill was shut down and dismantled. The workforce moved to the Canton mill. In 1932, a dam was built across the West Fork of the Pigeon River, submerging the remnants of the town under eighty-seven-acre Lake Logan.
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