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A common conception is that college students enter the “real world” post-graduation. What the student employees at WZBM proved was that they’re already in the real world. The skills they’re learning behind the microphone were helping to smooth the transition from on campus employment to off.
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In 1929, the Greenville Merchants Association wanted a better way to advertise. They formed a stock company called Greenville Broadcasting Station, Incorporated to inform the public about their products. However, the first successful radio station began broadcasting in September 1933, under the station tag of WEED and under the management of Avery Wynne. This station could not stay in Greenville and was replaced by WGTC (World's Greatest Tobacco Country) in 1940. This was Julian Jordan White's brainchild. It also had North Carolina's tallest tower at 208 feet to give WGTC a clearer reception. It, too, did not last. In the span of four years, three different stations opened to try their luck.