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In 1913, the Board of Trustees of ECTTS made an agreement with Board of Trustees of the Greenville City Schools to erect a school on the college campus for teachers training purposes. The school, called the “Model School” was located on the northwestern portion of the college facing Cotanche Street (in front of what is now Chico’s). In 1917 a second story was added to the building and in 1921, the school had 110 children, in seven different grades. In April 1922 the Model School burned and it was torn down. In 1934, the City erected a park and playground on the Model School site. In 1928, a new teacher’s training school was built on the northeast end of ECTTS. In 1954, this teacher’s training school was dedicated as the “Wahl-Coates Laboratory School.” On Jan. 3, 1972, the new “Wahl-Coates School” was opened on east Fifth Street.