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Mrs. Moffitt Sinclair Henderson of Salisbury used her personal copy of “Proceedings and Debates of the convention of North Carolina Called to Amend the Constitution of the State” as source material for her new book on the life of Samuel Price Carson. The volume, given to Mrs. Henderson by her maternal grandfather who was Carson's brother, contains eyewitness accounts of what may have been North Carolina's first public debate on civil rights. Delegates to the 1835 convention met in Raleigh to amend the original constitution of North Carolina and heard impassioned arguments by Carson supporting a failed bid to strike Article 32, which restricted Catholics and Jews from holding public office. Carson left North Carolina soon after the convention, following his friend Sam Houston to Texas and helping to establish that new Republic, eventually becoming its first Secretary of State.
The State (NoCar F 251 S77), Vol. 40 Issue 18, Apr 1973, p19, por
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