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A painting of a schooner by artist D.G. Bell was discovered in a Florida garage, dated to 1934. Interested in the work’s history, the owner began chasing leads on the art’s origins by contacting Carteret County citizens whose names were listed on the backside of the painting. One of the names, Tibbie Roberts, yielded answers. Ms. Roberts confirmed that the painting had been given to a local couple as a going-away gift in 1937. D.G. Bell owned a gift shop in Morehead City where he exhibited and sold some of his work. Today, several of his paintings are held in collections at the Carteret County Historical Society. Following the discovery of his work, it was decided that a party would be held to unveil the “long lost” painting and showcase Bell’s talent.
The Researcher (NoCar F 262 C23 R47), Vol. 25 Issue 1, Fall-Spring 2009-2010, p9-10, il, por